Rajni Louise

Rajni Louise (b. 2001, Wabasha, Minnesota) is a young artist currently traveling. They graduated from Reed College in May 2023 with a B.A. in Art. Their art experience stems from childhood involvement in community arts in their hometown of Saint Paul, MN. They have recently participated in group exhibitions in NYC and worked at the MoMA PS1 museum in Long Island City, Queens, NY.


Artist statement:

I am devoted to the creation of abstract and symbolic drawings, paintings, prints, and handmade photographs that provoke the question of art and existence in our contemporary time. My work is inspired by patterns found in nature, the universal principles of birth and death, and the infinite replication of life. Abstractions of forms found in nature make up my compositions, they are landscapes of an immaterial world stripped of binaries and singularities, where the connective tissues of life create a dynamic harmony between entities. The undulating darkness behind our eyes, and the branching of trees are two points my artworks begin from, both as ever-changing patterns where the angles of a grid have become curved and turned into a branching rhizomatic web. This pattern is not always present in my work but serves as the conceptual underlayer of my work. I aim to convey a sense of unification through my art, achieved through the exploration of implicit patterns of life that have been obscured by the systematization of consciousness, but are ever-present and easily reveal themselves through perception of the natural world and our own minds.


Lifting the Veil [Senior Thesis Exhibition] - May 2023 - Reed College, Portland, OR.
Here [There] Everywhere - May 2023 - Here Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY.

Group Exhibitions
Connection - Dundarave Print Gallery, Vancouver, BC. March 2023.
No Vacancy - Canal Street Research Association, New York, NY. July 2022.
The Patriot - O’Flaherty’s Gallery, New York, NY. July 2022.

E-mail for inquiries, connections, rajnilouise@gmail.com