Rajni Louise

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Beach Dream, 2021. ink.

Talisman, 2022. ballpoint pen and chalk pastel.

Screen View, 2022. colored pencil and graphite.

Untitled, 2022. ink.

Lifting the Veil (drawing for thesis work), 2022. graphite.

Untitled (drawing for thesis work), 2022. graphite.

Untitled, 2022. graphite and ink.

Ruth Asawa Fountain, 2022. coffee stains, ink, and watercolor.

Drawing for Ground Luminosity, 2021. coffee stains and ink.

Untitled (Dreamscape), 2020. Colored pencil and watercolor on board.

Untitled, 2020. Colored pencil.

Untitled, 2020. Colored pencil and ink.

Drawing for Vargtimmen, 2021. ink.

Untitled (Dreamscape), 2019. watercolor.

Untitled (Amtrak), 2020. colored pencil.

Untitled, 2020. colored pencil and watercolor.

Untitled, 2020. colored pencil.


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